Don, you stink like fish!

I finished my 0100 watch and was soundly sleeping when at 0500 this morning Sharry nudged me awake and said to me "god you smell fishy!"

On my pillow was a flying fish!

It's getting warm here so last night we opened our leeward porthole which is only 6"x12". Somehow this flying fish flew thru the porthole and landed next to me.

Do they ever smell!



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This is the blog of the vessel Starr
Owners: Don and Sharry Stabbert

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MV Starr, Diamond Head Waikiki 2017
Diamond Head - Oahu, Hawaii MV Starr, Diamond Head Waikiki 2017
Miyajima Tori
Starr in Ashiya, Japan
Starr in Ashiya, Japan
SBMC on Ballard Ship Canal, Seattle SBMC
Don and Sharry
Don and Sharry
Venice Grand Canal