Stealth Mode

The might Starr is heading for a secret hidey hole this morning. The cruising pals that told Don and Sharry about it in 1997 made them promise to keep it a secret. We are going stealth on our position tracker and AIS to honor that commitment.

If you are following our position on the tracking web site or AIS and see that Starr has disappeared, don't worry. The AIS and tracker will be live again tomorrow after we move on to the next anchorage.


Rich 6/29/2018
Sounds like Elfin Cove.
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This is the blog of the vessel Starr
Owners: Don and Sharry Stabbert

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MV Starr, Diamond Head Waikiki 2017
Diamond Head - Oahu, Hawaii MV Starr, Diamond Head Waikiki 2017
Miyajima Tori
Starr in Ashiya, Japan
Starr in Ashiya, Japan
SBMC on Ballard Ship Canal, Seattle SBMC
Don and Sharry
Don and Sharry
Venice Grand Canal